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Illiteracy lies at the heart of unemployment, crime, poverty.
In the USA 40 million+ adults struggle with reading.
60% of US prison inmates can't read.
85% of juvenile inmates struggle.
Their alienation, frustration, anger, and shame
are mirrored throughout the English-speaking world.
With our Teach a friend to read better guide trusted friends,
relatives and fellow prison inmates who can read
are able to teach those who struggle -
in just two or three months.
No training or qualifications for coaches required.
One-with-one is the key.

Home Teaching.

Joe (16) taught a younger friend to read

Mia and Joe

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Cathy learned to read and write at 26.

Then she taught her kids and her father  (51).

He is a now a big noise in Narcotics Anonymous.

Cathy:  “I used to be so ashamed about my reading.

Now I want to shout about how brill Teach a friend is.”

Cathy's dad: "Me too".

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Kev (36) was in and out of prison from15 onwards.

In 2020 he found God and turned his life around.

He is now teaching his stepson (9).

“I never guessed he was a word wobbler like me.

He is so smart. We are having great fun with the guide,

and his confidence has shot through the roof.

So has mine, now as I come to think about it.”


Bela, originally from Poland, teaching 'Brains' (6 ½).

She didn't realise that most people teach their kids

to read in English before school, by repeating

bed-time stories. 'Brains' has now finished his guide

and overtaken the others in his class.

Bela: "We have to get Teach a friend out there.

I want everyone to have the same chance as Jacob.”


Uncle from Kenya taught his niece to read.

“I am happy to be able to do something good for my niece.

She does so much for me.”

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