Libby and Nick with Molly Barker

in Stanmer Park, Sussex

Libby Coleman BA  Med Ed  Word Wobbler (dyslexic) -

is the co-creator of the Teach a friend to read guide with her husband Nick and a team of special needs teachers.

She was a Basic English teacher in a young offender institution and a prison, a History/Drama teacher, a secondary school headteacher; and a uni lecturer in special needs and school management.

Aged six, when in care homes in Germany, she taught her older, very smart sister who is dyslexic to read, using phonics. Her childhood stammer may have given her the idea for pronouncing phonics correctly! Every cloud etc...

Combating illiteracy through paired reading-teaching has been her life-long passion ever since.

Nick Ainley was an IBM systems analyst, the CEO of Just Boats on the canals, a chair for Mencap Northants, the CEO of care homes for adults with learning and physical disabilities,

and the co-creator of the guide.

By breaking tasks into their smallest components he taught a care home client who was paralysed down one side to tie his shoelaces with one hand! Small steps is a key feature of the reading programme.                                                              

Promoting women's education with reading as the essential first step is Nick's abiding passion.

With the Teach a friend to read guide

end illiteracy in your prisons and community!

Russ Haynes - Media Director for our Teach a friend to read guide, and himself a prison leaver first met Libby when they were both delegates at the Coates Review Into Prison Education. They hit it off through their mutual passion for helping prison inmates and leavers to believe in themselves.

Russ sits on the National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance committee.

He also volunteers for Good Vibrations and was a committee member for  The Prince’s Trust, South East London.


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Wayne Curtis - Promotions Manager. In and out of prisons and YOI's since the age of 16, Wayne is a recent prison leaver, who has turned his life around in the most remarkable way. He inspires us all with his determination.

He too is dyslexic and learned to read inside, and then went on to teach a man with learning difficulties to read. Wayne's second new reader joined Narcotics Anonymous as soon as he had completed the reading adventure with Wayne and was finally able to read the Twelve Steps.

Wayne's  passion to end illiteracy in prisons and his knowledge of the system is invaluable in helping us to ensure that no-one will leave prison unable to read, and that prisoners will lead the way in helping to end illiteracy with our Teach a friend to read guide.

He is helping to end illiteracy in Gosport, as an example of how communties can spreading the gift of reading and writing with

Teach a friend to read.

Marcus Tate is a photography graduate who works in the industry.

With Libby, Nick and the campaign champions and friends he aims to change attitudes towards dyslexia: reminding people that geniuses like Einstein, Picasso, Beethoven and Hans Christian Anderson were dyslexic, and above all showing the world that people of any age with dyslexia can learn to read and then gain the confidence to grow and shine. Many go on to teach others to read.

Marcus with fellow word wobbler

Hans Christian Anderson

in Central Park New York

We thank all our champions and friends,

who have generously fund-raised and donated

so that our guide could be given out for free

in libraries, prisons, traveller camps, schools,

youth organisations, food banks, hostels...


We thank all our champions and friends

who have prayed for our success.