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With Teach a friend to read better
end illiteracy in your prisons and community!

The Campaign Champions

Champions support and promote the mission of helping everyone who can

read to teach all those who struggle with reading.


Victoria Atkins

MP Minister of State for Justice 


I am delighted to see the spread of such valuable work into the community as well. I applaud Libby for her passion in supporting prisoners to turn their energies in a productive direction that will benefit both them and society as a whole. 


Tom Hall

Prison Head of English HMP Ford Open :


Pedagogically sound, engaging, entertaining and fun, Teach a friend to read is the silver bullet we have all been waiting for to end illiteracy in the prison system.

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Mark Leech 

FRSA – Britain's Leading Ex Offender Expert on Prisons 


Editor of The Prison Oracle Converse national monthly prisons newspaper, Prison Law Index 2022, The Cell Companion 2022, and The Prisons Handbook 2022: "A remarkable and wholly worthy campaign, I wish you the best of luck and I hope it becomes the great success it clearly deserves to be." 


Joe Baden OBE

Director and Founder Goldsmith's Open Book

Whatever help you need to get the Teach a friend to read better guide into the hands of every prisoner and member of prison staff just call on us all at Open Book. We will help in any way we can. We must ensure no-one leaves prison unable to read, and that prisoners lead the way in showing the world that we can end illiteracy when we work together.

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Caroline Dinenage MP

Minister of State for Digital and Culture.

The Teach A Friend to Read better scheme facilitates peer-to-peer learning. The idea is that anyone who can read can use the tool to teach someone who cannot. The results are startling...Peer-to-peer learning is arguably the most effective way to boost skills among prisoners. It removes the barriers created by an uncomfortable classroom and teachers, whom the inmates often cannot relate to. (Reported in Hansard.)


Julia Killick -

Former Governor of HMP Holloway and prison reformer

This system enabled Holloway women readers to coach others without the need for training. It allows the learner to continue seamlessly after release or after a prison move.This is a most powerful tool that encourages desistance from offending and is key to all prison Governors' aims.  


Erwin James

Chief Editor of Inside Time, Guardian journalist, trustee and patron of several prison and

ex-offender charities, author of A Life Inside, The Home Stretch; Redeemable; former prisoner

The Teach a friend to read better project is a superlative initiative which enables those in prison who struggle

with literacy to take part fully in their own rehabilitation.

In prison self-help and peer support is the best help of all.

Roy Crowne.jpg

Roy Crowne

HOPE Together President; previously National Director of Youth for Christ


HOPE Together is thrilled to be working with Teach a friend to read to support prisoners learning to read. We love the vision to put the  Teach a friend to read guide into the hands of every inmate to ensure that no-one leaves prison unable to read.  

Peter James.jpg

Peter James

International best-selling crime writer and prison visitor and reform campaigner.

It's Dead Simple! Give everyone a copy of the Teach a friend to read guide, and let's get reading done in 2022.


Russell Brand
Actor, activist, author, philosopher.

Stay connected, Libby! It will happen

Jilly Cooper,
Best-selling author:

Keep at it dearest Libby! With '
Teach a friend to read better' we'll get there in the end.

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Sarah Miles
International film star and author.

How I wish we'd had such a brilliant teaching-reading tool, when I was young and struggling with dyslexia!


David Walliams

Best-selling children's author.

What a great project! I wish you all the best. XL

Jonathan Aitken Professional.jpg

The Reverend Jonathan Aitken

Prison Chaplain, author,  campaigner for prison reform, CSJ Fellow , former Cabinet Minister, and prisoner.

We must pray for God’s help and guidance to bring our Teach a friend to read better mission to fruition.

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