Teach a friend to read campaign
  8 million people in Britain struggle with reading.
We can all help to end illiteracy:
The one-with-one Teach a friend to read guide 
is for anyone who can read to teach
  • a child with dyslexia who is struggling in school
  • a fellow prisoner or young offender
  • a school mate, friend or relative
  • a fellow traveller or neighbour
No training for reading-coaches required -
They just read the instructions and off they go to teach
a fellow inmate, friend, or relative of any age to read.
 Unfailingly successful, one-with-one, interactive,
the unique Teach a friend to read guide is in book form:
  • to provide writing practice
  • to avoid distracting the computer-phobic non-readers
  • for all people who don't have computers, Wifi or even           electricity.   
Shop on-line - www.teachafriendtoread.com
for guides @ £5 each in boxes of 100 = £500
single copies available on Amazon for £7
thick recycled off-white paper to avoid see-through and glare 
eco-friendly ink + and saddle-stitching = ideal for prisons

Why it always works

for reading-coaches and their learners:

The explosive power of  the Teach a friend to read guide lies in turning everyone of any age who can read into a successful teacher of reading and writing. No training required!

Our reading-coaches with zero teaching skills, autism, dyslexia,

a prisoner who had been mute for 10 years, 8 year old children -

all have given the gift of reading to totally transform the lives of their fellow inmates, friends, and relatives of any age.

The unique same-shape phonics alphabet poster, use of repetition, rhyme, enhancement of tried and tested teaching methods ensure that everyone will learn to read and write.

Champ the Chimp reading exercises ensure there is no bias

in terms of age, gender, race, culture, background.

Thousands, including people with learning disabilities and people in their 80's have learned to read and write with Teach a friend to read.

A few of their stories are on this website's coaches page and on the back cover of the guide.