With the Teach a friend to read guide

end illiteracy in your prisons and community!


Some of the projects which have received donated Teach a friend to read copies

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Light of Hope is a home and school that provides Refuge, Restoration and Redirection for the lost and homeless girls of Kenya in a loving Christian environment.

Teach a friend to read is used with young goatherd learners, who can't go to schoo because they need to support their families.

Sentebale supports orphans and vulnerable children, many of whom are affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Through education, psychosocial support, and care Sentebale gives them the tools they need to lead healthy and productive lives.

“We are delighted to partner with the Teach a friend to read campaign to deliver one to one Reading Programmes to the rural communities in the Kajiado County, Kenya. 

The one to one Reading Programmes will make a real difference to the lives of Kenyans and will empower them to better their own and their communities lives"


Chris Orman, Founder and Trustee of The Bouncing Ball Trust


The Bouncing Ball Trust provides Compassionate and Feeding Programmes for poor children in Kenya, enabling them to receive a primary education that would otherwise be denied to them. These children often come from families who are struggling to feed and clothe them never mind sending them to school.

Hope and Service to Mankind Foundation bring together literate and non-literate, towns, villages, people in common respect for each other and for manual work to promote and encourage the development of the spirit of voluntarism among the youth and people of all communities by organising workcamps towards physical projects, literacy work, and establishing demonstrational camps and farms, Leadership training, camping activities and International Cultural Exchange Programmes

Peterborough Soup Kitchen is a local charity for homeless and disadvantaged people in the city.

The aim is to ensure that they get some hot soup, food and drinks, throughout the year, whatever the weather conditions.

 Teach a friend to read was originally produced in response to the Ebola crisis, when schools and public places in Sierra Leone were closed. Children as young as 11 taught others who had lost their families, using Teach a friend to read,  

 originally called “Each one teach one to read”

EducAid runs an educational network comprising of free schools, teacher training, and tertiary programmes in Sierra Leone. Educaid provides distinctive, personalised,

top-quality, holistic education  and support to vulnerable young Sierra Leoneans.    

One-time street children, educated by Amazing Children Uganda, have returned to teach street children to read, using our Teach a friend to read.

Amazing Children Uganda gives street children in Uganda the chance to lift themselves out of poverty by providing opportunities for education.

Reaching the Unreached

Of Village India

Reaching the Unreached is a far-reaching, grassroots organisation working in rural villages in South India to help the poorest and most marginalised people, particularly children and women.

St Mungos, Groundswell and Thamesreach organisations for the Homeless

have received magazines from Westminster Council.

The residents who can read are teaching others to read and write.

We CAN Read in Gosport and Fareham Towns. This community action group aims to wipe out illiteracy in their community. They fund raise to give our magazine out for free to people who teach their friends and relatives to read and write.

We are hoping that other extraordinary, inspiring groups will follow suit in their communities.

Past Projects

"The Jungle Books Library staff in Calais are thrilled to receive our magazine.

This is exactly what we have been waiting for" said a delighted  Mary Jones. 

The Jungle Library came into being in August 2015, though British teacher and founder Mary Jones has been delivering books to the camp for years. 

The Library provides books and practical help and support for people in the Calais camp - many of whom are well educated and want books that will help them read and write English, apply for jobs, and fill-in forms.

Holloway Women's Prison Library in-mates who could read picked up

magazines from the library and taught the other half of prison inmates who struggled with reading and writing. 

Holloway prison is now closed. If a Teach a friend to read coach moves or leaves, another can seamlessly take over the reading and writing teaching.

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HOPE Together is thrilled to be working with Teach a Friend to Read to support prisoners learning to read. We love the vision to put the 

Teach a Friend to Read guide into the hands of every inmate to ensure that no-one leaves prison unable to read.

We are excited to be involved and together

we will raise the funds to give a free copy of

our book ’'40 Stories of Hope’ to the new and

to the established readers in prisons. 


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