20 guides at £100 + postage and packaging outside the UK 100 guides at £500 + postage and packaging outside the UK

Cotton-stitched for prison use

Poster for coaches incorporated on the front cover

With the Teach a friend to read guide

end illiteracy in your community!

here's how:

Donate the Teach a friend to read guide to anyone who can read.

Their friends or relatives of any age will learn to read

in 3 months or less.


Unique, always successful,  interactive,  one-with-one -

the phonics-based guide needs no training or prior teaching skills.


100 guides at £500, 20 guides at £100 

Teach a friend to read guides -

placed in libraries,  churches,  food-banks,  schools,  colleges, 

waiting rooms,   shops,  traveller camps,  anywhere readers go.


For the millions of non-readers starting to learn to read

is like jumping off the highest diving-board if you can't swim.

The interactive, fun Teach a friend to read guide and trust

between the learners and their coaches are the keys to success.

abaca fonix fun poster for all ages



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Profits from the sale of our Teach a friend to read guide pay for

free guides to be distributed in areas of deprivation -

in school and community libraries.