Why Teach a friend to read always works

for both reading-coaches and their learners:

The explosive power of our interactive guide

lies in helping anyone who can read

to become a successful reading and writing coach.

No training or previous teaching skills required!

Clever children as young as 8 -

a 15 year old with autism and dyslexia,

a prison inmate who had been mute for 10 years,

all have picked up the guide, read the simple instructions

and given the gift of reading to transform the lives of

their friends, relatives and fellow prison inmates.


Teach a friend to read coaches have taught 1000's with:


the unique same-shape phonics letters -


use of repetition and rhyme -


enhanced tried and tested teaching methods

eg our 'say as you copy' technique -


the dyslexia-friendly font, lay-out, and non-glare

or see-through, off-white paper -


the silly jokes on the writing practice pages

inviting discussion, to show the coach that

their new reader is reading with understanding

and confidence, and not merely 'barking at print '


the use of animals for reading-practice exercises,

to ensure there is no unconscious bias in terms

of age, gender, race, culture or creed -


the praise-boxes on every page celebrating success,

while ensuring that if a coach leaves for any reason

another can seamlessly take over.


Teach a friend to read is in book form:

•                for easy daily use -

•                to practise writing -

•                for all people who don't have computers, Wifi or even electricity -

•                for non-readers who are computer phobic – the myriad of words

                 in different fonts, sizes and colours moving around the screen are                   irritating and distracting blobs and blurs for those who struggle.

Our Teach a friend to read guide is printed by eco-friendly printers

Masters Bookbinding - with veg-based ink and recycled paper.

The guide is bound with stitching as stapling is forbidden by prisons.

The magic ingredient is