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At 12, Josi taught an orphaned friend

during the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone.


Brady and Luke 

EducAid Volunteer

Volunteer Fatima (16) teaching  a 10 year old in Sierra Leone.

At 13 Brady taught his brother Luke - then aged 19 -

to read and text.Luke has cerebral palsy.

Neither his school nor his parents ever expected him

to be able to learn to read.

Luke now uses the Teach a friend to read guide

to teach youngsters with learning disabilities

in his primary school.Now the school uses our guide

with volunteers.

Luke gained the confidence to become a swimming coach.


Bwire learned to read with our guide

through  Amazing Children Uganda.

Then he taught Ugandan street children to read

as a volunteer for the amazing charity.

Veteran coach taught his brain-injured f
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Airforce veteran and former prisoner Andy

taught a friend who woke up from a diabetic coma,

unable to read. Then Andy set up a reading charity.

Linda and Moon

At 65 Linda and her friend Moon went on a

Teach a friend to read adventure together.

Linda became a We CAN Read organiser,

using our guides.

Moon was born in Singapore. Her parents

could not afford to send her to school.

In 2015 she won the NIACE learner of the year award.

Now she encourages people to learn to read and write

with our Teach a friend to read guide in Hampshire

and as far afield as Hong Kong.

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Bobby was 66 when he learned to read with our guide.

Then Bobby gained the confidence to change gender

and set up a local LGBT group.

Super Coach Daniel loves teaching

his many older new readers.

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Asha and Dan

Bernadette (12) is part of a traveller community.

After teaching her dad to read with our guide,

she organised the young travellers who can read

to teach the grown-ups.

Asha learned to read with our guide five years ago.

She gained promotion in her hospital caring job.

Then Asha taught Dan to read and he was promoted too.

Husband and wives

Wife teaching her husband.

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At 15 Richard who has autism taught a friend during lunch breaks in school.

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Husband and wife

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Best friends

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Ladies of Rottingdean teach primary school children with Teach a friend to read

Sister Cecile teaches children and a nun in her convent with Teach a friend to read

Mr Capoeira teaches reading in Sweden with Teach a friend to read  

Granny taught her granddaughter who taught her best friend with Teach a friend to read