Brady aged 13 used Teach a friend to read to coach his

brother Luke aged 19 who has cerebral palsy and

learning difficulties. 

Below is an email sent by Brady and his mum.

From Brady 

From Brady and Luke's Mum

Asha was taught five years ago and gained promotion in her caring job at the local hospital.  She is now teaching Daniel who, after only six weeks learning has been promoted in his job as a direct result of Tasha 's coaching.

Moon was born in Singapore, her parents could not afford to send her to school, aged 63 she learned to read and turned her life around in may ways. NIACE presented her with Learner of the Year award in 2015 in recognition of her superb efforts.

Nigel needed help when Measles wiped some of his memory out, including the ability to read. After six months with Sue he achieved his main read the football results himself!

Coach Olga with her new reader (66). He read his first book Angel by 

James Patterson after 4 months. Then he gained the confidence to change gender and set up a local LGBT group.

Volunteer Fatima (16) teaching  a 10 year old in Sierra Leone.

At 15 Richard who has autism taught a friend during lunch breaks in school.

Bwire was educated by Amazing Children Uganda.

Now he teaches Ugandan street children to read.

Tia 11 taught her dad to read

With Teach a friend to read coach-book

you can teach your child, relative, friend to read

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Teach a friend to read and write is available on Amazon. 

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